Nicole Galbreath - Massage and Bodywork
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Nicole "Nikki" Galbreath successfully completed a 600 hr intensive training program at Advanced Massage Institute of Cocoa Beach in 1998.  The curriculum exceeds the standards set by the State of Florida and the National Certification of Therapeutic Massage Board.
Nikki is Board Certified and belongs to the Florida Massage Therapy Association, American Massage Therapy Association and Infant Massage USA. 
She has completed several extensive continuing education courses in massage and bodywork that includes, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, sports, flexibility.  She is working to develop her skills in the structural and myoskeletal/myofascial fields that will help in correcting structural issues and misalignments of the body.  This will allow her to increase her knowledge of the body and how it works as a whole. 
She is taking her own health issues of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and infertility in to her practice.  She is studying to become a Certified Infertility Therapist that will help others in trying to conceive.  She is also completing her certification in pre/post natal therapies. 
Along the way she has found her passion in working closely with women and children.  She is currently working on  her certification to become a birthing Doula and has already completed her certification in Infant Massage Education. 
There is much more to come for her in this area so be sure to check back as she continues to grow.
Her passion for helping others is noticeable in her work.